Policy paper

Equal Partnerships policy paper. Creating sustainable multi-stakeholder partnerships for urban migration governance in African intermediary cities

Janina Stürner-Siovitz and Lasse Juhl Morthorst


African local governments are increasingly experiencing core issues of migration and displacement and their cities are directly impacted by (inter)national policies and (the absence of) funding flows. Nevertheless, national policymakers, international organizations and donors rarely consider local governments as relevant partners to address mixed migration. These cooperation gaps are problematic since human mobility plays an important role for African intermediary cities’ physical, social, and economic urban planning. Networked approaches could help bridging such cooperation gaps and breaking up policy silos. To explore opportunities and challenges of multi-stakeholder partnerships for urban migration governance the Equal Partnerships project organized participatory research, workshops, and networking formats with six cities in East, West and North Africa. This policy paper presents central recommendations for collaborative urban migration governance addressed to local and national governments, civil society, migrant and refugee associations, international organizations, private sector actors, and donors.